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Dean, just FYI in case you're thinking about it . . . my friend used a knee scooter to get around when she broke her foot, but it ended up messing up her knee so bad that she needed surgery to fix it. Get a bell to ring for help instead. LOL.


Hi Jalna,
Funny you mentioned that.
I just got a scooter from my friend. She loved it.

Feels a little shaky, not sure I'll use it.
I certainly don't need to hurt another body part.

Thanks - Take care!!!


ah man, sorry to hear about the foot. sounds like you are dialing it in. hope the healing and rehab goes well. looking forward to foiling w/ you on my next trip over!


here's a story for you...friend fell into a hole in the road in Japan and broke her foot too. I'll skip the details of how not speaking Japanese and trying to get to a medical facility sucks but the hospital ended up loaning her crutches for the rest of our trip.(She wanted to stay and not go home). But, not knowing how to use crutches, googled it and practiced all night long so she could get around.
BIG MISTAKE! Her arms were so charlie horsed from practicing that she couldn't use the crutches at all the next day.
Ended up having to buy a wheel chair to get around and get home.

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